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So, you’re all set to tie the knot? Rings purchased. Venue set. Now all that remains is to find a bridal car to get you there!

With such a wide and varied choice, choosing a suitable car for your special day can be difficult. Several questions will arise before you can go ahead and make your final decision. For example, are you looking for a vintage, classic or modern saloon? Do you have a colour preference? What is your budget for your car? How many passengers will the vehicle be required to take? Will other family members or guests require transport and if so, will any additional vehicles be required? Once you have the answers to these questions, you should be in a position to begin searching for your car(s).

Whether you know exactly which type of vehicle you wish to use, or whether you are still open to suggestions, one factor of paramount importance is finding a company which can provide you with a car to match your exact requirements. Flexibility is essential, especially when one considers the fact that no one single wedding will ever be the same. With this in mind, you should ensure that the company you use fully understands your every requirement and in addition, that it doesn’t underestimate the timings and logistics of your day’s events. It is always a far better option to be meticulous in your planning in order to get it right on the day. Here are more questions, which you might wish to consider and discuss when booking your bridal vehicle:

  • Will your vehicle be suitable in all weather conditions?
  • Does the vehicle have ample room to accommodate your dress?
  • Is there a minimum charge for the vehicle?
  • Does the company have a website, on which you can view their Wedding vehicles?
  • Are you confident that the company understands your requirements?
  • Have you provided sufficient information to the company (e.g timings, addresses, venues, a schedule for the day etc)?
  • Have you requested ribbons and if so, have you stated your preferred colour?

    Booking your car as early as possible is strongly advised, especially if you intend to get married on a Saturday during the summer. Traditionally, wedding car services are booked once the majority of the day’s arrangements have been put in place. However, disappointment can often be avoided by ensuring that you make your reservation well in advance. It is not uncommon for bookings to be made anything up to 15 months prior to a wedding date.

    With sufficient planning and communication with your chauffeur company, there should be no reason why your day will not run according to plan, with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to make the most of your important and memorable occasion.

    Good luck with your planning!

    By: Alexander Small

    AJS Chauffeuring of Bath


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